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Ship Building & Project Management

CSS has a pool of talented project management professionals who can utilize their skills for the most demanding of projects. We provide turnkey project management solutions for both new building and repair projects.

Our expertise involves

  • On site supervision on behalf of Client for new building and ship repair
  • Project progress tracking, monitoring and reporting for clients based on schedule.
  • Machinery and equipment procurements services for client ensuring the highest quality and compliance. This is done via our extensive vendor network support.
  • Pre-purchase inspection of vessels: We undertake pre purchase inspection of vessels providing expert
  • opinion to our clients on the condition and reliability of the vessels.

CSS specializes in providing comprehensive project management services for EPC projects in the oil and gas sector. With our expertise, we ensure seamless execution and successful completion of projects. CSS excels in managing complex EPC projects within the oil and gas sector. Our highly skilled personnel are capable of monitoring project progress and overseeing construction activities with meticulous attention to detail. They possess the expertise necessary to identify potential bottlenecks and proactively address them, ensuring projects stay on track and within schedule.

In addition to our project management team, CSS is backed by a dedicated technical team proficient in evaluating vendor and yard proposals. This allows us to thoroughly assess the suitability and viability of proposals, ensuring that only the best options are selected for the project. Our technical experts leverage their industry knowledge and experience to make informed decisions, optimizing the project’s efficiency and reducing risks.

By partnering with CSS for your EPC projects, you can expect a comprehensive project management approach that combines efficient project monitoring, effective construction oversight, and meticulous vendor and yard proposal evaluation. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail guarantee the successful execution of your oil and gas projects, meeting both your timeline and quality requirements.

CSS specializes in providing a complete project management solution for vessel construction in shipyards. With a well-qualified team of engineers, we offer comprehensive management and monitoring services to ensure the quality and timely delivery of units. Our experienced project management team works closely with shipyards, overseeing every aspect of the construction process. From initial planning to final delivery, our engineers diligently monitor structural integrity, systems integration, equipment installation, and compliance with safety and regulatory standards. By partnering with CSS, you can rely on our dedicated team to efficiently manage and supervise vessel construction, guaranteeing successful project execution and meeting your specific requirements.