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Engineering Solutions

We are one of the trusted source for comprehensive Engineering solutions in maritime sector. Our highly skilled team of naval architects and structural engineers is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for all your maritime engineering needs. We offer a wide range of services, from conceptual design to detailed engineering, ensuring the successful development and operation of your marine projects. Whether you require assistance with vessel design, stability analysis, or system optimization, our consultancy services are tailored to meet your specific requirements, delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions that prioritize safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

Nodal solution

Our experienced engineers employ advanced tools and techniques to conduct thorough evaluations,
including finite element analysis and global hull analysis. We assess structural behaviour under various load conditions, identify potential weaknesses, and propose effective design modifications to enhance performance and longevity. Our comprehensive services encompass fatigue assessment, ensuring that your structures withstand the harsh operating conditions of the marine environment. With our expertise in finite element analysis and extensive knowledge of international standards, we deliver accurate and reliable structural analysis solutions.

Our expertise in vessel Designs

  • Ship stability assessment and preparation of stability booklets
  • Structural assessment and design of marine structures and ships
  • Feasibility studies on modification and upgradations
  • Naval architecture studies
  • Production design
  • Global Hull analysis
  • Jackup design and engineering

Our expertise in oil and gas sector

  • Field Development
  • Offshore installation engineering
  • Fatigue assessment
  • Platform Design
  • Mooring analysis
  • Motion analysis

Our expertise in port development

  • Design of Oil tanker terminals
  • Design of low cost mini ports and marine jettys
  • Design of buoy terminals
  • Design of offshore mooring buoys
  • Design of tank farm systems

We take pride in our specialized engineering, offering a wide range of services to support your offshore projects. From vessel designs to platform designs and field development, we cover every aspect of your project’s lifecycle. Our dedicated team of engineers works closely with you to develop customized designs that meet your specific needs, optimizing stability, safety, and operational efficiency. With our expertise in production drawings, we provide detailed documentation that facilitates seamless fabrication and construction processes. Leveraging advanced software tools and industry best practices, we ensure the success of your offshore endeavors, delivering reliable and innovative solutions that exceed your