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Marine Risk Management Solutions


Even with the compliance of all laws and safety regulations, there are instances where we cannot control natural or man-made occurrences that might lead to the cargo disruption, vessel damage, oil spill or even shipwreck. Things like weather hazards, pirate attacks, and cross border conflicts are very much common in water transportation and the damages associated with these situations can cause a significant financial hardship for ship owners. In such situations having the right marine insurance policy comes to the rescue, protecting the interests of ship owners, charterers and transporters by providing them with insurance coverage needed to defend against possible losses of Freight, Hull and Machinery, Protection and Indemnity, Marine Cargo, Freight Demurrage and Defence Insurance.

We at CSS, with our contacts with reputed Insurance clubs and underwriters, focus in delivering the best suited insurances to the client’s needs, in accordance with the regulations, trading areas, duration, type of voyages, and much more at competitive price range and extreme reliability.


Marine Warranty Survey is the verification, by a marine warranty surveyor, of the requirements of an insurer specified in a Warranty Clause covering a marine operation, to ensure that all necessary precautions are taken to avoid loss. A survey typically includes review of all relevant documents, condition surveys of vessels and equipment, and approval of marine operations to ensure that best marine/cargo industry practice and correct procedures are followed and under taken safely, reliably, and in compliance with regulations.

CSS offers certification services for insurance warranty, or Marine Warranty Survey (MWS), for the handling, sea transport and offshore installation of large structures, such as fixed platforms, wind generators, subsea facilities (oil and gas pipelines , electric cables, mooring systems) etc. The Marine Warranty Survey guarantees that the work is planned and performed according to a level of risk that is consistent with the reference international standards and insurance policy clauses and tolerable for the industry and for all the players involved. CSS has acted as Marine Warranty Surveyor on many of the world’s largest and most complex marine construction projects, as well as for major onshore construction projects requiring marine transportation of large modularised and preassembled units, and other project components.