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Legal Solutions

Shipping is probably the oldest global industry and depends upon a global regulatory framework to operate efficiently. As such, the industry has a well-developed international, regional, and national regulatory environment.

With wide range of flags available globally, clients are often uncertain about the flags they should go with, which may indeed make them land up in critical situations such as choosing flag which may not end up well with their trading specifications, budget restrains or quality adherence or to be worse even may wind up with fraudulent or fake agents who provide unrecognised or unauthorised flag services. We at CSS, with our association with multiple flags, always ensure that the clients get the best available flag precisely as per their trade requirements within their specified budget and with ease of operations specially confined to their required trading area.

CSS is duly appointed maritime registrar of various flag administrations who can provide you with reliable and top-quality solutions to our client's ship registration needs. In addition to ship registration, we provide seafarer documentation services including CDC and crew endorsements through these flag administrations

We offer comprehensive advice and specialist expertise in the following areas:


We assist with all aspects of ship registration including vessels registered whilst under construction, provisional registrations, as well as full and bareboat registrations along with issuance of all types of updated convention certificates as per applicability.


We provide assistance in the application for and collection and dispatch of STCW Endorsements issued for seafarers serving on vessels.

CSS offers more benefits, such as allowing companies to apply flexible crew regulations and make use of additional fiscal measures, reducing the costs of employing crew by around 30%. Officers in possession of Certificates of Competency issued by their home or member states may be issued an endorsement of recognition, allowing them to be employed on foreign flagged ships.