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Engineering Solutions

We offer a complete suite of naval architecture and marine engineering solutions from initial vessel design concepts through construction, classification and ongoing technical management. That includes everything from workboats and large tankers to container ships.

Marine Solutions offers engineering and design services related to each phase of the building and maintenance process including initial project planning, design, construction, monitoring and repairs. These services are anchored by experienced engineers who have been inspecting, repairing, and designing waterfront facilities for over a decade. Utilizing our marine construction expertise, our engineers are able to provide practical solutions to complex problems.


Even with the compliance of all laws and safety regulations, there are instances where we cannot control natural or man-made occurrences that might lead to the cargo disruption, vessel damage, oil spill or even shipwreck. Things like weather hazards, pirate attacks, and cross border conflicts are very much common in water transportation and the damages associated with these situations can cause a significant financial hardship for ship owners. In such situations having the right marine insurance policy comes to the rescue, protecting the interests of ship owners, charterers and transporters by providing them with insurance coverage needed to defend against possible losses of Freight, Hull and Machinery, Protection and Indemnity, Marine Cargo, Freight Demurrage and Defence Insurance.